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Field Day!

Thank you to all our parents who joined us for Field Day! It was a fun way to culminate the school year and say hello to summer! Parents could chat with one another and take part in the day’s activities. Children participated in water play, sandbox, hula hoops, chalking, ball toss, and of course, the all-time favorite, the bouncy ball jumper! It was plenty of fun in the sun and lots of water to keep everyone hydrated. Thanks to Ms. Naomi, Ms. Lana, and Mr. Fox for creating extra shade! It was truly an amazing year that we will forever cherish, through good times and bad, we all came together as a team to help our toddlers grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. As our wonderful room mother stated, “Teamwork is Dreamwork.” Have a wonderful safe, relaxing summer!!

Happy Birthday, Hank! Congrats on turning three!

The three amigos are just chilling!

Working as a team using our shovels and wheelbarrow!

Friends hanging out playing in the mulch.

Sharing is Caring!!

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Daddies and Donuts!

This past Friday, we celebrated our amazing daddies. The children and their dads gathered in our lunchroom for fruit, lemonade, and Krispy Kreme DONUTS! There was much comradery and teachers snapping photos of treasured loving moments. The Dads opened their gifts to find a special card and picture frame handmade by their son or daughter. When it was time to go, the children and their dads wiped the sugary donut remnants from their hands and mouths. Sad teary faces followed as daddies said their goodbyes. Thanks to all our dads for making Daddies and Donuts such a huge success!!

Happy Birthday Emily!

Happy Birthday Zadie!

Happy Birthday Betsy!

Happy Birthday Azza!

Rockin’ at The Middle School Sock Hop!!!

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Muffins With Moms!

The children were so excited to honor their moms for Mother’s Day! We celebrated with muffins, fruit, and lemonade. The children enjoyed hanging out with their moms while the moms enjoyed chatting. We had a dad come too with matching daddy-daughter outfits. Pictures were taken and memories were made. The mommies received a special gift created with loving hands by their child! Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

” The mother is not just clean flesh. She is the mother and she has something that only she can give him. We may call it vibrations. Whatever it is, the child needs this help; these vibrations help his new life.” Maria Montessori

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Ocean In Motion

Our Ocean Display came alive with various ocean animals like octopus, fish, squid, and sea turtles swimming around and sunning on the sandy beach. Momma sea turtle kept watch over all her babies. The children had fun naming their sea turtles whatever came to mind like Papa, Daddy, Umm, Brother, Water, Turtle, Max, Black Sheep, and JoJo. The children enjoyed painting paper plates and toilet paper rolls, adding googly eyes, flippers, heads, and tails. They created Rainbowfish by gluing on colorful shapes. They got creative with markers and crushed eggshells. It was fun therapy for all! The children had a wonderful time showing their moms, dads, aunts, and grandparents the Ocean display. Families were amazed at their work! The children were so proud of their accomplishments. They even created a special ocean scene that they could eat!

Montessori encourages process art and inspires children to use their imagination. It is the process that is important, not the product. Maria Montessori said, “Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”

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Intelligence and the Hand

In the quote, ” What the hand does, the mind remembers”, Maria Montessori said children learn best using their hands. Through hands-on materials like the Pink Tower, Knob Cylinder, mystery Box, and Object Permanent Box, to name just a few, Children use their hands to touch and manipulate the materials and, through self-exploration, gain knowledge about the differences in shape, size, weight, color, and depth of an object. Maria Montessori said, “The hand is the instrument of the mind.” Our hands are the tools that make what the mind sees as real.

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experience in the environment.” Maria Montessori

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Over the many months of attending school, the children have blossomed into their own person, each with their own individual personalities, interests, and attributes. Still, they have grown into a community of learners who love working, socializing, eating, playing, and napping together! We have become our own wonderful community where we feel safe, nurtured, and loved by one another! Instead of hitting, pushing, and screaming, we work on using our ‘Kind Words’ and ‘Helping Hands’. We especially love the time of day when we come together to sing, “I Think You’re Wonderful”, “March for Peace”, and our “Thankful Song”. Speaking of community, I hope everyone who could attend, had a wonderful time at the Spring Festival!

Happy Birthday to Lucille. We enjoyed celebrating Lucille turning three with chocolate chip muffins and cantaloupe!

” I have seen that children can do much for the community. In the child is much knowledge, much wisdom. If we do not profit from it, it is only because of neglect on our part to become humble and to see the wonder of this soul and learn what the children can teach.” Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori also said, ” Education is a partnership. It takes well-trained instructors, Inspirational leaders, participatory family members, and engaged communities to work alongside one another in support of the children.

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The Great Outdoors!

Whether cloudy with rain or bright shiny sun, it’s a great day to go out and play! Toddlers have a need to move their bodies. Gross motor skills are important for physical development, posture, balance, and coordination. The children obtain gross motor skills by running, chasing, throwing, catching a ball, sliding down the slide, climbing, and riding trikes. However, now that Spring is here, they seem to have the most fun picking flowers and collecting mulch in their buckets. They love to scoop and dig with shovels and rakes. They often work together to make mulch castles. This is a great way for them to socialize in play. We love to put on our boots and walk in the puddles without splashing our friends. It is fun to explore the great outdoors!

Water Break!

Our lizard friend coming to say, “Hello”

Nature is beautiful!

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony, and the beauty in nature.” Maria Montessori

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Maria Montessori emphasized the importance of a prepared environment and, to develop the children’s concentration, materials must be placed on the shelves that will greatly attract the children’s attention. Toddlers love to explore their world by using their senses of touch, taste, smell, and sight. Repetition of the task further develops concentration and new skills. This week the children have been exploring vegetables and fruits, insects and spiders, puzzles, and new practical life jobs.

Concentrating on cutting cauliflower.

Discriminating the different sizes of the carrots from smallest to biggest.

Creepy Crawlies!

Concentrating on cutting some purple playdough.

Transferring the colored balls from one bowl to another with focus!

Concentrating on washing the baby and getting her all clean!

Concentrating on putting my job neatly away.

Matching fruits and vegetables.

Working with the farm!

We love animal jobs!


Concentrating on color matching!

Concentrating and building fine motor skills.

Working on getting my hands clean!

Matching the animal to the correct animal name card.

Experiencing hands-on farm work!

Focusing on fine motor skills.


Creating with imagination!

One-to-one correspondence. Eye-hand coordination. Concentration.

Have fun building with Legos!

Movement and Music!

German with Ms. Carmen and Cocoa!

” We can only be guided by facts. In the case of the small child, we find that no child can concentrate on one object for a long time unless the object itself spontaneously attracts the child’s attention. ” Maria Montessori

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Trike A Thon and Easter Egg Hunt

On Monday the toddlers participated in Saint Jude’s Trik A Thon. The toddlers had so much fun riding their trikes or walking on the tennis courts while raising money for cancer patients! On Friday the toddlers participated in an Easter egg hunt. They searched for colorful eggs on our playground and collected them in decorated bags. We also celebrated two birthdays this week and frosted sugar cookies for a special snack to celebrate that spring is here!

Happy Saint Jude’s Trike A Thon Day!

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Happy Birthday, M’Liss!

The children enjoyed frosting their sugar cookies but eating it was the real treat!

Our rainbow puzzle!

Dinosaurs to match, play, roar!

Hands-on dinosaur work!

“A child’s work is based on doing things for their own sake. There is an end towards which his work is taking him: through his work, he is building the man he is to become. But the child doesn’t know this; he only knows that he takes delight in doing certain things. This is his work.” Our part is to give help when we are asked. If we are careful not to interfere with a child’s activities and interests as long as they are not harmful, nature will see to his development.” Maria Montessori

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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is upon us and the toddlers are taking advantage of the warmer weather by spending more time outdoors. We celebrated Pi Day by taking a nature walk and looking for circles around campus. The children spotted circular windows, flowers, and rocks. They had a “ball’ running and chasing balls on the tennis courts. Mr. Dana made a surprise visit and the children loved it! We found a spot in the shade to have some water and a special snack, a vanilla cookie. It was ROUND like a circle! We got to see several reptiles up close and even pet one! Mr. Brendan came on Friday to read a few books on Dinosaurs. Mr. Brendan invited us to let out a “Big Dinosaur Roar!”

Spreading sun butter on a bagel. Focused on her job!

Concentrating on a lesson. Stringing dinosaurs.

Our favorite new job!!

Pouring birdseed from pitcher to pinch bowls.

How do animals travel? By walking, swimming. or flying? A toddler favorite!

Sandbox fun!

Ms. Carmen and Coco are teaching us the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” in German.

A Bearded Dragon.

This is a tortoise.

“Nature is a source of inspiration for the soul and the mind.” Maria Montessori

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